FDU RULES (Terms and conditions)

1. The titles issued by the UDF are of a religious nature, to be used in tasks of religious and ministerial vocation; not secular. With a religious title, you will not be able to continue secular studies.

2. All online students have only one month to return the duly completed exam or questionnaire. After 30 days of term, a charge or fee equal to 50% of the cost of the subject matter will be applied to validate the subject.

3. Returns: to). The payments made to the UDF are not transferable to another person.

      b) After the material or material has been sent to the student, there is no refund of money, although yes, it can be credited to the same student, if it is returned to the FDU, in a period no longer than 3 months, and to continue in the same career I had suspended.

4. The student is responsible for payment of the cost of mailing or shipping, of their diploma or title, if they live outside the United States. This rule does not apply to those who live within the United States of North America.

 5. The sending of all the materials is done through the email or e-mail provided by the student.

6. The subjects have a questionnaire, with the exception of some in which a summary will be required.

7. The student may make use of resources found on the Internet, as long as he cites the source and respects the copyright.

8. The student can not exceed the 30 days (which begin to count from the day the subject is sent by email) to send the questionnaire with the answers to the FDU.

9. The subjects must be selected in the order in which they appear in the curriculum of the career studied, unless the student has paid the validation of said matter to the UDF, and the process has been exhausted by the UDF; and that the conclusion has been: Matter validated.

10. The student who transfers career, we will only credit you 20% of the credits taken.

11. If the applicant or applicant to study at the FDU, has finished a career at another University and this is compatible with the one selected at our University, it can achieve its validation, if the subjects are identical to those of the FDU, and must pay the cost of validation first.

12. If the applicant has not finished the degree at another university, we will only recognize 20% of the credits taken, after consideration and study by the FDU jury, provided they have not exceeded five (5 ) years of being studied.

13. The student must provide the necessary documentation, if it requires validation of credits.

14. Doctorates honoris causa, must be requested 6 months before graduation or delivery of diplomas, and the applicant must have a minimum of 25 years exercising in the ministry, have good testimony, not having been judged by the civil law in cases of drugs, abuse and / or trafficking in persons or other serious crime, after having accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Ministers retired from the ministry, but active in the faith, can also apply.

15. The request for a Doctorate Honoris Causa can be in Theology, Divinities, Missions, or Ministries.

16. The Doctorate Honoris Causa has a non-reimbursable application cost of US $ 100.00, plus the cost for investiture, which will depend on the place of the same, plus the cost of the investment in the background or background investigations of the applicant. This will be communicated to the applicant, once the analysis of the data supplied to the FDU by the applicant has been completed.

17. We grant credits for experience in the ministry and for diplomas and certificates obtained in other institutions. This is possible after an analysis of the documents deposited at the headquarters of the FDU.

18. Each credit or subject accepted as good and valid by the FDU, must be paid according to the costs established in the cost matrix of the payment section of the FDU website.

19. Credits will be recognized for reading some books, having previously filled out the report form for each book individually. The reading must have been recent, that is, not more than 12 months.


20. Some subjects of some careers are taught with books to read and summarize by the student. The number of pages to report depends on the degree that the student studies, and will be predetermined in the curriculum, along with the subject that is studied.

 21. Our PHD’s consist in the accomplishment of several tasks:       

1. Reading of books and presentation of the summary.       

2. Video Conferences and participation report.   

3. Participation in workshops face-to-face conferences on previously determined dates.      

4. Presentation of written works.       

 5. Practice in fields

 22. Students of all races must purchase their books from the FDU and pay for shipping or shipping.

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